RAMESH Gopi journey to the top has not been a cakewalk. He has always been passionate about dancing. During his struggling period he was selected by Ahmed Khan to dance for a song in the film Rangeela. Soon he was assisting Ahmed Khan and before he knew it, he was on his own, choreographing for films. Ramesh's forte is Hip Hop, though he has received training in many genres of dance. Ramesh Gopi studied in Jamnagar, Gujarat. He did his 12th from there and during his HSC board exam he realized that he didn’t have any interest in studies. He immediately left school and went to Mumbai, but his father wanted him to join the Indian Air Force. Whatever he has learnt about dance until now is on his own. He learnt dance by watching movies, music videos etc. He would rather say Michael Jackson is his guru as he used to copy his steps watching his dance on the television and then choreograph his own steps by adding something extra.

Initially he had no source of income and considers himself lucky to be staying with a very generous family. After a few days he opened a dance class by the name of Super Brats at Churni Road. Along with three of his friends Ramesh soon opened two more branches of the institute, one in Andheri and other in Borivili. He used to travel to Churni Road in the morning, take the class there, come to Borivili for the second class and then catch the train to come to Andheri for his last class before he could go home.
Initially he had four students but gradually the number increased. Income was supplemented through these dance classes but the demand for such dance classes fluctuated with the monsoon season being the worst time of the year. At one point he had literally no money; not even to pay his rent. Once, he lied to them that he had his classes and would come after two days. For those two days, he stayed at Bandra station with no food to eat.

It was in an All India Dance Competition that his team came first and he got noticed. At that time, Ahmed Khan was working on Ram Gopal Varma's Rangeela and was on the look out for fresh faces. He auditioned him and he got selected. At the beginning he was rejected because of his dark complexion and unattractive features whereas Ahmed wanted fair complexioned males. But luckily Ahmed's assistant knew about Remo's dancing skills and insisted him to take him in the film. So, he got selected for Rangeela's first song, Rangeela Re. Ram Gopal Varma loved his character so much that he kept him in all the scenes. If you see the film you will notice that it opens with a close up of him sitting and having a beedi. That was his first big break as a dancer and jump started his career. From there on, he started assisting Ahmed.

After assisting Ahmed Khan for one year, he got the confidence to take on an independent project. But at the same time, he was worried because that meant that he would have to leave Ahmed and if the project didn't click, he would be nowhere. It was Anubhav Sinha who gave him his first video. It was Sonu Nigam's album Deewana. Luckily the video was a big hit and later he worked on many more videos along with Anubhav and others. There was a time when he was working on four music videos in one day. As far as acting is concerned, he got his first break in Hansal Mehta's Dil Pe Mat Le Yaar, which unfortunately didn't do well at the box office. It was Anubhav Sinha once again who gave him his film Tum Bin, which proved to be a big hit. But his real breakthrough came from Kaante where he choreographed item number Ishq Samundar wich was a big hit. After Tum Bin and Kaante , his career finally took off and he has been a part of various music videos and movies.

  • Tum mile (2009)(released)
  • London Dreams (2009)(Released)
  • Kaminey (2009)(Released)
  • Kal ho na ho (2005)(Released)
  • Life Partner (2009)(Released)
  • Luck (2009)(Released)
  • Paying Guest (2009)(Released)
  • Kal Kissne Dekha (12 June 2009) (Released)
  • Ek - The Power Of One (27 March 2009) (Released)
  • Jai Veeru (13 March 2009) (Released)
  • The Stoneman Murders (13 February 2009) (Released)
  • Victory (30 January 2009) (Released)
  • Friends Forever (2009) (Post-Production)
  • Familywala (2009) (Stuck/On Hold)
  • Har Pall (2009) (Under Production)
  • Mr. Fraud (2009) (Under Production)
  • Jaanleva (2009) (Post-Production)
  • Rang de basanti (2004)
  • Main Rony Aur Jony (2009) (Stuck/On Hold)
  • Maharathi (5 December 2008) (Released)
  • Sorry Bhai! (28 November 2008) (Released)
  • Singh is King(Released)
  • Welcome (2008)
  • Kidnap (2 October 2008) (Released)
  • Hijack (5 September 2008) (Released)
  • Rock On!! (29 August 2008) (Released)
  • Ugly Aur Pagli (1 August 2008) (Released)
  • Mission Istaanbul (25 July 2008) (Released)
  • De Taali (20 June 2008) (Released)
  • Humsey Hai Jahaan (6 June 2008) (Released)
  • Mithya (8 February 2008) (Released)
  • Speed (19 October 2007) (Released)
  • Chhodon Naa Yaar (5 October 2007) (Released)
  • Darling (7 September 2007) (Released)
  • Marigold: An Adventure In India (17 August 2007) (Released)
  • Cash (3 August 2007) (Released)
  • Awarapan (29 June 2007) (Released)
  • Mp3 - Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar (8 June 2007) (Released)
  • The Train (8 June 2007) (Released)
  • Good Boy Bad Boy (11 May 2007) (Released)
  • Delhii Heights (30 March 2007) (Released)
  • Just Married (16 March 2007) (Released)
  • Tarqashh?A Basketful Of Fiery Dreams (2007) (Released)
  • Aryan - Unbreakable (15 December 2006) (Released)
  • Baabul (8 December 2006) (Released)
  • Apna Sapna Money Money (10 November 2006) (Released)
  • Hota Hai Dil Pyaar Mein Paagal (6 October 2006) (Post-Production)
  • Rocky - The Rebel (22 September 2006) (Released)
  • Pyaar Ke Side Effects (15 September 2006) (Released)
  • Bas Ek Pal (15 September 2006) (Released)
  • Dil Diya Hai (8 September 2006) (Released)
  • Jaane Hoga Kya (1 September 2006) (Released)
  • Anthony Kaun Hai? (4 August 2006) (Released)
  • Alag (16 June 2006) (Released)
  • Jaadu Sa Chal Gayaa (26 May 2006) (Released)
  • Ankahee (19 May 2006) (Released)
  • Tom Dick And Harry (12 May 2006) (Released)
  • 36 China Town (5 May 2006) (Released)
  • Fight Club - Members Only (17 February 2006) (Released)
  • Aksar (3 February 2006) (Released)
  • Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena (18 November 2005) (Released)
  • Koi Aap Sa (14 October 2005) (Released)
  • Chocolate (16 September 2005) (Released)
  • Jo Bole So Nihaal (13 May 2005) (Released)
  • Waqt - Race Against Time (22 April 2005) (Released)
  • Lucky - No Time For Love (8 April 2005) (Released)
  • Naam Gum Jayega (8 April 2005) (Released)
  • Shabd (4 February 2005) (Released)
  • Popcorn Khao Mast Ho Jao (1 October 2004) (Released)
  • Dhoom (27 August 2004) (Released)
  • Asambhav (23 July 2004) (Released)
  • Bardaasht (23 April 2004) (Released)
  • Meenaxi (2 April 2004) (Released)
  • Chameli (9 January 2004) (Released)
  • Daag - Shades Of Love (2004)
  • Wrong Number (12 December 2003) (Released)
  • Tehzeeb (5 December 2003) (Released)
  • Janasheen (28 November 2003) (Released)
  • Qayamat (11 July 2003) (Released)
  • Stumped (16 May 2003) (Released)
  • Aapko Pehle Bhi Kahin Dekha Hai (10 January 2003) (Released)
  • Mumbai Matinee (2003) (Released)
  • Kaante (20 December 2002) (Released)
  • Yeh Kya Ho Raha Hai? (11 October 2002) (Released)
  • Road (27 September 2002) (Released)
  • Chhal (9 August 2002) (Released)
  • Aankhen (5 April 2002) (Released)
  • Pitaah (4 January 2002) (Released)
  • Ehsaas - A Feeling (30 November 2001) (Released)
  • Tum Bin (13 July 2001) (Released)
  • Papa the Great (2000) (special thanks)
  • Dil Pe Mat Le Yaar (29 September 2000) (Released)
  • Rangeela (8 September 1995) (Released)


kriti said...

nice info...cool story nd impressive to....g8 choreographer he is.....!

Anonymous said...

i started hating him.. koz he never gave respect to Dharmesh Sir in dance india dance ... but he was always favouring shakti... why .. koz she is sexy and beautiful.. or because dharnesh is pooor...... he could giive him some good coments at times.. or an MJ band.... dharmesh deserve it.. i am not saying it... the world ays it....... what a faker you are mr remo... opss.... i shld be saying ... mr RAMESH Gopi . with hate ,,, Reaz here

Anonymous said...

He had given gud comments on dharmesh sir. He never try to give harsh.. But atleast he said what he thinks... he did comments to shakti....

Anonymous said...

I am biggy fan of Remo sir... I love his work.I would like to know which songs has he choreographed for the films:
Kal ho na ho
Rang de basanti
Pyar ke side effects
Singh is king
Rock on

Anonymous said...

I LOve Remo Sir....He is Simply Awesome....I wish I could Dance With Him Atleast One Time....Sir If U R reading THen Plz give me a chance to dance wid u....Love u..

Anonymous said...

remo sir is just the best..............

Sanjivani said...

hello sir please read my massage

Sanjivani said...

aap ko suit dress bahut khobsurat lagte hai

Sanjivani said...

aapki smile sweet

Anonymous said...

realy... I like u....

jeni said...

just wanted to say that u r cute handsme simple n that i like ur style without 4geting ur smile

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

u r simply a big thing

Anonymous said...

im a big fan of urs delhi

Anonymous said...

I love you Rambo and love your dance very much. I wish I could dance like you but....

Anonymous said...

As I said I love you and your dance but forgot to mention that I'm in vancouver. I wish you come here and perform a show.

Anonymous said...

Iam a big fan of your Smile sir
Always keep SMILING :):):)
You are very down to earth
I hope you to become very popular in choreography

Anonymous said...

Always keep smiling sir :):):)

Akash salve(maggi's) said...

Hi remo sir.i am veryyyyyyy your big fan.remo sir your dance styl is very nise.your fevorate michel jackson(MJ).my fevorate is you(MJ&RD)michel jackson and remo d-souza.my life is only dance.............!

Anonymous said...

Now that's what i call a dancetastic performance. Remo sir i really am interested in dancing n want to join your dance classes... pls, i want info. on your dance classes in mumbai....

kp said...

i want become dancer............and comein DID..............so when come that..????????

Ansaar said...

hey gabar..hihi...mr remo.i luvvvvvvvvvv uuuuuuuuu.........uhmmmmmmmmm...4 me u R the best..i like ur style, ur songs,ur dance...im a biggest fan of yours...i luv u....<3

Ansaar said...

R E M O............remooooooooooooooooooooo.................



Anonymous said...

can anyone tell me about Remo sir's MJ band !! did MJ gave him or ?????

pallavi said...

Remo sir
i like u and ur wife.she is so sweet.god bless ur life

shan surve said...

Remo Sir,

You are the Indian MJ.......

Anonymous said...

i am a the biggest fan of Remo sir .............. I like his choreography a lottttttttttttt........... I want to meet him once in life .......... love u remo sir ............

Anonymous said...

After going through all these faces what u have achieved sir that is trully incredible.... Initially i was like ohhh he is just an another dancer but not anymore now u got a new big fan.... love u sir

Anonymous said...

Remo .... I like to watch your work ... Specially DID .... Please organize a show in CONNECTICUT, USA. Love You.

amit bhatia said...

i love uuuu sir.........
sir plzz ek acedmy himchal pardesh me khol do ... i m amit bhatia frm sunder nagar

Anonymous said...

I love you Remo! I seriously do! Love you loads! Very few people are like you, you are honest, loyal, hardworking. Inspite of so much fame you are so down to earth. I wish every girl gets s husband like you.I envy Lizzele.

Toshika kapoor said...

Remo sir u r d bestest n superb cherographer I hv ever seen in my life.....
U r d greatest n tremendous person......:)
I luv u alootttttt.......:)
I really want sir dat in my life at once I learn dance frm u.....
Its my dream to meet u....
Hope u fullfil my dream...
I luv dance n luv u also.....:)
Takecare sir.....:)

Sangeeta Vineeta said...

He is one of the greatest dancer and choreographer i have ever seen.

Thanks you sir for your support...

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vikas agarwal said...

Sir any programme of you r in Udaipur vibration 2017

vikas agarwal said...

Sir any programme of you r in Udaipur vibration 2017

Bharat Sareen said...

As I said I love you and your dance but forgot to mention that I'm in Delhi. I wish you come here and perform a show.

Sunil said...

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